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Top neighborhoods to explore in Amsterdam - Westerpark

Updated: Apr 30, 2022

Today I want to talk about one of the best places to live in Netherlands, Westerpark, it is a mix of green areas, emblematic architecture, intense nightlife, and a creative atmosphere. In addition to its regular exhibitions, markets, and festivals, the remodeled Westergasfabriek Gasworks is home to alternative shops, eclectic restaurants, an arthouse cinema, a craft brewery, and a nightclub. The Het Schip Museum is the highlight of the nearby residential area, where the red brick buildings of the Amsterdam School of Architecture abound. You will find on one side the Brediusbad swimming pool, full of life on summer days. Next to this is the Westcord Art Hotel, where works by the Dutch musician, painter, actor, and poet Hermanus "Herman" Brood have been seen.


Top neighborhoods to explore in Amsterdam - De Pijp

Today I want to talk about one of the best places to live in Netherlands, De Pijp is a bohemian neighborhood with narrow streets flanked by Middle Eastern restaurants, traditional pubs and sidewalk cafes.

The sociable owners of the Albert Cuyp market stalls sell typical Dutch food such as herring and waffles. In a former brewery, Heineken Experience tells the story of its brewing in multimedia format and offers tastings.

The area is also home to the Sarphatipark, with English-style gardens, ponds and meadows.

And of course the Top Taal language school, where I did one of my Dutch courses on Ferdinand Bolstraat street.

Without a doubt, a neighborhood to discover, go ahead and visit it!


Top neighborhoods to explore in Amsterdam - Indische Buurt

The multicultural neighborhood of Indische Buurt is an up-and-coming harborside area, where trendy restaurants occupy former industrial spaces and late-19th-century buildings house Surinamese restaurants, Moroccan supermarkets and Turkish bakeries. Flevopark is a popular picnic spot overlooking Lake Nieuwe Diep and has a pond, hiking trails and a distillery bar in a former pumping station with a waterfront terrace.

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