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The transfer tax rate in the Netherlands (Overdrachtsbelasting)

The transfer tax rate is:

  • 2% for the home in which the buyer will live for a longer period of time and for which the starter exemption does not apply

  • 10.4% for all other real estate, such as plots of undeveloped land, holiday homes, business premises and, for example, a garage at the house that you do not purchase at the same time as the house

  • Conditions for starters' exemption

You are entitled to the starter's exemption if you meet the following 4 conditions:

  • You acquire a home in which you will live for a longer period of time.

  • You are an adult and younger than 35 years of age at the time you acquire the home.

  • The moment of acquisition is the moment of signing the notarial deed of transfer at the notary.

  • At the time you acquire the home, the home value may not exceed €510,000. This concerns the home including any appurtenances, such as a garden, shed or garage. This value is usually equal to the purchase price as stated in your purchase agreement. Is the purchase price including accessories higher, for example € 520,000? Then you are not entitled to the starter's exemption.

If the house is on leasehold land, the value of the capitalized ground rent is also added to the value of the house.

You have not previously used the starter exemption.

Have you owned a home before?

Then you may still qualify for the starter's exemption, as long as you meet the conditions.

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