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Top neighbourhoods to explore in Amsterdam - Nieuw-West

Amsterdam Nieuw-West is a municipality (Dutch: stadsdeel) comprising the westernmost neighborhoods of the city of Amsterdam, the Netherlands. It was created in 2010 after the merger of the former Osdorp, Geuzenveld-Slotermeer and Slotervaart districts. In 2017, the municipality had almost 150,000 inhabitants.

Most of the Amsterdam Nieuw-West residential neighborhoods were built after 1950 under an urban expansion plan, based on the garden city concept. Located in the center of the district are Sloterplas (literal translation: Sloter lake) and Sloterpark (around the lake).

You can still find buildings from the middle of the last century, but most of the houses and infrastructure are modern. Being very close to Amsterdam-downtown, makes it very attractive for family life, with houses still competitive in market price.

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