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Are you considering enhancing the energy efficiency of your home and wondering if it could affect your mortgage options?

Absolutely! As a homeowner or prospective buyer, investing in energy-saving measures not only benefits the environment but can also open up opportunities for a higher mortgage allowance. The extent of this increase hinges upon your home's energy efficiency rating.

But just how much extra can you borrow to bolster energy efficiency? The answer lies in your home's energy label.

Here's a breakdown:

  • €20,000: For properties graded with energy labels E, F, and G.

  • €15,000: Homes boasting energy labels C and D.

  • €10,000: Properties rated with top-tier labels such as A+++, A++, A+, A, and B.

It's worth noting that residences with an A++++ energy label, indicative of exceptional energy efficiency, may not qualify for additional borrowing for energy-related enhancements.

Moreover, beyond mortgage adjustments, there are subsidies available to incentivize sustainable energy practices and energy-saving initiatives for homeowners, even if your dwelling is a designated monument. Through programs like the Investment in Sustainable Energy and Energy Savings (ISDE) grant, you can access financial support for various endeavors, including:

  • Insulation enhancements.

  • Installation of heat pumps (hybrid systems).

  • Adoption of solar boilers.

  • Connection to heating networks.

These subsidies not only alleviate the financial burden but also foster a more environmentally conscious approach to homeownership.

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